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Honouring women each August

A nation of strong, resilient and wonderful women has steered South Africa through its rich history – its struggles, challenges, triumphs and tragedies all held together by the strength of its women.

As South Africa celebrated the 22nd Women's Day on the 9th August, Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve honour the very special women who are the core of Sabi Sabi. These hardworking and dedicated ladies fulfil a variety of roles within the company – many of them going home at the end of a long workday to care for families and children. They all have an incomparable role model in Sabi Sabi – co-founder Jacqui Loon – who raised her own family while creating the masterpiece that is Sabi Sabi. Jacqui inspired the architecture and décor, and still had time to use her artistic talent to paint the magnificent portraits which adorn some of the walls of the lodges and was instrumental in building Sabi Sabi into a global brand, her passion and commitment helping to create a legacy for future generations.

In many cultures – and certainly within the local Shangaan culture – women are revered as the 'heart' of family life – the nurturers, caregivers and upholders of family values. This culture exists at Sabi Sabi, where all departments have a strong female contingent, in fact so much so that at the helm of each of the four Sabi Sabi lodges is a strong female leader. These remarkable ladies expertly juggle career and family while at the same time mentoring and advising their lodge teams.

Although being predominantly male oriented, the safari department began employing a number of female guides many years back – in fact Sabi Sabi was one of the first private reserves who employed female guides. These ladies take their roles very seriously, and while they definitely have feminine charm, they are absolutely confident, highly trained and extremely capable.

This year we once again pay tribute to each and every single woman who is part of the Sabi Sabi team – and thank them for their tireless efforts to maintain Sabi Sabi as the icon it is today. We salute you!

Meet Evidence Lubisi – grace and beauty personified. Evidence is part of the Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge service team and exudes a calm and gentle nature at all times. Truly one of the loveliest ladies you will encounter.

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35 years ago at the inception of Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, a magnificent elephant bull roamed the reserve. With massive tusks and always surrounded by Askari (soldiers) - a group of up to 12 protective, strong and sometimes very aggressive young males - the elephant was called Mandleve, a Tsonga nickname for the tear in his ear. Mandleve was truly unmistakeable, with two massive tusks, one very long and fairly straight, and the other about the same length, but distinctly curved. Mandleve spent his years crossing the river between Sabi Sabi and the Kruger National Park, but as he grew older he spent most of his days at Sabi Sabi, eating the soft vegetation alongside the river. When he slept he rested his enormous curved tusk in the crook of a tree trunk, relieving the huge weight he constantly carried. A beautiful, gentle and patient elephant, Mandleve died in 1992 close to his beloved Sabie River. He was deeply mourned by the staff at Sabi Sabi who had watched and followed him over the years, as well as by the many guests who had the honour of viewing him on safari. His tusks which are on display at the Letaba Elephant Museum, were measured at 69 and 73.5 kgs apiece, the heaviest ivory on record at Kruger.

As a tribute to this magnificent elephant, the spectacular newly refurbished Presidential Suite at Sabi Sabi's Bush Lodge is named the Mandleve Suite. A fitting name for a truly exceptional and memorable accommodation experience. With huge rooms looking out onto the bushveld, the suite is, quite simply, stunning. Raw tree trunks support the interior walls and add a fascinating touch of the bushveld to the décor.

Chandeliers alongside the draped bed illuminate the expansive bedroom with its beautiful carved wooden furniture. The vast, surprisingly furnished and stylish bathroom has a temptingly deep bathtub, and includes both indoor and outdoor showers. A glorious lounge with plush chaise longues, handcrafted fixtures and furnishings and interesting artifacts, extends out to a relaxing covered patio and private pool. This is a definitely a suite to remember. And, of course, a private safari vehicle with personal guide and tracker complete the Mandleve Suite experience.

For those who desire only the very best, The Mandleve Presidential Suite and recently opened Villas are sensational additions to Bush Lodge's 5 star luxury accommodation.

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