Safari specialist, Acacia Africa is continuing to honour its commitment to responsible tourism by supporting one of its many ethical partners, Greenpop, and asking its adventures to join the TREEvolution. A social enterprise, Greenpop will be hosting its seventh annual ReForest Fest this March in South Africa’s Platbos Forest Reserve and the overland tour operator is providing transport from Cape Town and helping to promote the event.

Running over two weekends, ethically conscious families and adults are being targeted, the activities which include, tree planting, eco-talks, yoga, live music, helping festival goers to reconnect with nature.

Arno Delport, Sales & Marketing Manager at Acacia Africa comments, “Tour operators can no longer afford to pay lip service to the idea of responsible tourism. We have to be actively engaged in making a positive impact on the environment. While our partnership with Greenpop has allowed us to highlight the importance of carbon offsetting with our adventurers through the organisation’s tree planting programme*,  by supporting the ReForest Fest we’re encouraging ethical travellers to play a hands on role in urban reforestation." 

A thriving success, nearly 35,000 trees have been planted through the Friends and Family weekends to date.

The Friends Weekend (March 17-19) is for people who would like to get their hands dirty and make a positive impact on the environment. As well as planting thousands of trees, ReForest Fest goers will be treated a wide range of eco flavoured activities, including live entertainment. While the Friends Weekend is tailored to adults, all ages are welcome.

The Family Weekend (March 10-12) allows parents and children to connect in nature while planting trees. An ethical way to experience Africa with the kids in tow, this is the perfect opportunity for families to unplug in the great outdoors and learn lessons about the planet. 

Misha Teasdale, Tree-E-O of Greenpop, comments, “Platbos Reforest Fest truly is Greenpop’s mission in action: (re)connecting people with nature, and getting active for the planet, all in an ancient indigenous forest. Together, we are able to see the thriving trees we planted in previous years and get our hands dirty to add to this beautiful project. It is quite the thing to be with inspiring people doing awe-inspiring work in a place that is this awesome. We are not separate from nature. We are nature. I hope to see you there in March.” 

Acacia Africa is also helping to promote Greenpop’s Zambia Festival of Action with its safari-goers and through its online channels. Every June/July, the Livingstone based event brings people together from around the globe to learn, connect, give back and get active. Over three weeks there will be the opportunity to plant trees, grow food forests, build using eco-methods, set up recycling systems, brighten up schools with eco murals, attend sustainability workshops and celebrate with live music.


Acacia Africa (020 7706 4700; SATSA membership No. 1931, ATOL No. 6499 and ABTA No. W4093 PROTECTED. 

Notes to Editors

Who is Greenpop?: Greenpop ( is a social enterprise on a mission to (re)connect people with the planet. They plant trees through urban greening and reforestation projects, spread environmental education, and activate people through green workshops and events.

Greenpop was founded in 2010 and has since planted over 70,000 indigenous and fruit trees at schools and other urban sites, community farms as well as forests across South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania. More than the number of trees, Greenpop is inspired by the 132,000 hands that have helped to plant the trees and the further thousands that have joined Greenpop’s eco-education programmes and made a commitment to be custodians of our beautiful planet.

For more information on Greenpop’s ReForest Fest please watch the latest video.

Acacia Africa’s travellers have the option to add a tree to their safari booking to help compensate for the carbon they will be using on their trip. The tree is then planted by Greenpop as part of its urban greening and reforestation projects in Southern Africa. Once the tree is planted, owners receive a certificate with the GPS co-ordinates, so they know exactly where it is growing.

For more information on Greenpop’s Zambia Festival of Action please visit the website

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Thursday, 25 February 2016 12:57

Swaziland celebrates The Marula Festival

The Kingdom of Swaziland, well known for its many cultural festivals will stage “Emaganwini” or Marula Festival, celebrating the harvest of Marula Fruit, between now and mid-May.

Marulas are the most popular fruit in the country, due to its believed medicinal and fertility properties, as well as being the main ingredient of the delightful Marula beer!

Becoming one of the countries most exciting traditional ceremonies, Marula Festival starts at the royal residence, Ebuhleni, when King Msuati III and the Queen Mother are presented with gifts and Marula beer from each household. Only after the royal family has first tasted the Marula Beer, are the rest of the nation permitted to join in and drink. After this King Msuati III and the Queen Mother start to travel across the country, joining the nation in song, dance and celebration. 

Although the Marula fruit can be found throughout Africa, it is in Swaziland where it is found in abundance. February celebrates the start of the harvest season where women and children collect the fallen Marula fruit and store it until turns to a creamy yellow colar. In a nutshell, the flesh from the fruits is then squeezed out, mixed with water, sugar is added and it is fermented and destilled into the delicious and well-known Marula Beer. Marula is also used in skin care products and medicines, popular in the country for its huge fertility properties.

Marula festival is very important for Swazi tradition, not only for dancing and celebration, but where Swazis are give thanks for another ‘fruitful’ harvest, and showing their appreciation in anticipation for the following year.


Despite being the smallest country in the Southern hemisphere, Swaziland more than makes up for its lack of size with a hugely diverse range of attractions and activities. As one of the few remaining Executive Monarchies in Africa, culture and heritage are deeply engrained in all aspects of Swazi life, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all who visit. As well as the rich culture, the overwhelming friendliness of the people makes all visitors feel truly welcome and very safe. Add to that a stunning landscapes of mountains and valleys, forests and plains; plus wildlife reserves across the country that are home to The Big Five, and you have all that’s best about Africa in one small but perfectly formed and welcoming country.

For futher information please contact: 

Adele Cutler – Swaziland Tourism PR

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