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Kruger Horse Safaris

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Out in Africa take guests off the beaten track and close to nature.

Significant distances are covered on a daily basis on paths used only by animals. The rides take your clients through the bush, onto open plains and along the meander of the river where nothing can be heard, but the horse’s hooves on the ground and the sound of nature calling.

Their qualified and experienced guides will take riders up close to Africa’s wildlife. Nights are spent at luxury lodges along the route combined with nights out in the bush in mobile-tented camps. At every stop the team will have set up camp ready for the guests and their masseuse will be ready to work away any sore muscles after a day in the saddle, and a skilled cook will prepare delicious meals over the fire.

The horses:
Out in Africa use Boerpherd and thoroughbred crosses mainly. They are responsive and well accustomed to terrain and wildlife in the area. They have horses for all levels of riding, although they will only take guests that are confident in all paces.

Where they ride:
The Selwane Nature Reserve area is a mixture of broad leafed woodland with Bush willows and Mopane being the dominant trees, this is a habitat well suited to grazing and browsing animals such as giraffe, kudu, impala, wildebeest and zebra. This reserve is in a quiet and peaceful area, mostly surrounded by private game farms and some rural African villages. Their stables overlook a dry riverbed in the middle of the reserve and the lodges are conveniently situated close by.

The Letaba Ranch area, about twenty minutes away, is open to Kruger, here the Mopane woodland habitat and the Letaba River attracts big herds of buffalo and elephant in the dry season, mostly from June to October.

Out in Africa set up fly camps at beautiful scenes in the heart of the bush. Sites are chosen for their natural beauty, safety and ambiance. It is a special experience to spend a day in the saddle out in the wilderness, have a hearty meal and hot shower and then rest snuggly in your tent while the African night unfolds under the brilliant night sky.

2014 Rack Rates
Horseback Safari - 6 nights €1800 / 7 nights €2400 (extra night €90)
Kondowe Safari – 6 nights €1575 / 7 nights €1800 (extra night €90)

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