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Mauritius – oil clean-up continues

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The MV Wakashio bulk carrier, which ran on to a reef off Mauritius during July, broke in two on Saturday, August 15, according to a press release from Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA).

The rear section, which still contains some oil, is immobilised on the reef, according to the release; 40 000 litres of oil was pumped out on Saturday, with the remaining 50 000 litres expected to have been pumped out by Sunday (August 16).

The MTPA says authorities confirmed there had been no further leakage of oil and that booms had already been deployed as part of measures to contain the spill. Local residents are assisting in efforts to clear the beaches and lagoons of oil.

BBC News has reported that Japanese firm Nagashiki Shipping has pledged to respond to requests for compensation.

The vessel ran aground on July 25 and the Mauritian government came under criticism from local residents for responding too slowly and inadequately.

 Beach tourism is responsible for 19% of Mauritius’s GDP.

Source: TU

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