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Tourist arrivals saw marginal drop in October – Stats SA

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October last year saw a 2% drop in international tourist arrivals compared with the same month in 2018, according to the latest figures by Statistics South Africa.

Data provided by the statistics authority highlighted that, of the just over 3.4 million travellers in October 2019, 1.7 million were foreign arrivals.

The breakdown of the tourists by region is as follows: 248 673 from overseas; 572 219 from the Southern African Development Community countries; 12 008 from other African countries, and the country of residence of 1 375 tourists was classified as ‘unspecified’.

Notably, central and South America had the highest proportion of tourists who came on holiday, followed by Australasia and Europe. Asia recorded the highest proportion of tourists who came to South Africa for business, followed by the Middle East and North America.

Tourists from the Middle East largely came to study, while tourists from Asia and North America had the largest percentage of tourists (still only 0.1%) travelling for medical treatment.

The majority of African tourists, (97.3%) came to South Africa on holiday.

Below is an interactive graphic analysis of October 2019 statistics.

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