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Rhinos relocated to Tanzania

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Nine critically endangered black rhino were relocated from South Africa to Singita Grumeti on September 10.

This relocation was conducted by the non-profit Grumeti Fund, in partnership with the Tanzanian Wildlife Management Authority (Tawa). This is the largest movement of rhino into Tanzania, increasing the national population by almost 10%.

The nine rhinos join two eastern black rhinos, which were previously relocated to Singita Grumeti as part of an ambitious effort to save the species from extinction.

The nine animals were carefully selected by age and genetic composition and will be of value to the gene pool of the existing Serengeti rhino population.

Accompanied by four wildlife veterinarians and a rhino behaviour specialist, the rhino was transported from South Africa to Kilimanjaro International Airport on a chartered 747 cargo plane, followed by a light aircraft flight to the Grumeti concession. They are now safely housed in a secure location. 

Once they’ve acclimatised to their new surroundings, all the rhino are expected to be released into the greater Serengeti ecosystem.

Stephen Cunliffe, Executive Director of the Grumeti Fund, says: “We strongly believe that you can’t put a price on the survival of a species, so the Grumeti Fund will continue to fundraise, invest and work tirelessly with our partners to see black rhino thriving safely in the Serengeti ecosystem.”

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