Tuesday, 16 July 2019 12:50

Campi Ya Kanzi offers electric safari vehicle

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Campi Ya Kanzi in southern Kenya has added an electric Land Rover to its fleet of safari vehicles.

It can transport up to six guests and the company has confirmed to Tourism Update that it plans to transform its entire fleet to electric vehicles. Currently, it is not possible to specifically book the electric vehicle. Luca Belpietro, Founder of Campi Ya Kanzi, said: “We assign a car and its driver to guests for the duration of their stay. We will give the electric car to guests who book a suite (we have two), subject to availability.”

Belpietro said the reason for going electric was to have the lowest impact on the environment. “We are already carbon neutral,” he said. “We are 100% solar, with all electricity produced by photovoltaic panels and thermal solar for hot water.”

To see a video of the vehicle in action, click here.

Source: TU

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