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Johannesburg welcomes urban tourism in city centre

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Hillbrow, a suburb in the heart of the Johannesburg CBD, is emerging as an attractive tourist destination for visitors.

Once a hub for entertainment and the trendiest celebrities and visitors, Hillbrow has, over the years, fallen into disrepair and been warned against by travel curators selling the vibrant city of Johannesburg to the international market.

However, the Gauteng Tourism Authority and local entrepreneurs have been working with the locals to revive this interesting and history-steeped area of South Africa.

Elinor Brooks, SA-based travel consultant for Destination Africa – the first South African travel company created exclusively for the Scandinavian market – took her family on a walking tour of Hillbrow on December 1 to experience what the area has to offer tourists, including families.

“The inner city isn’t a place to be feared anymore,” says Brooks. “Perceptions still linger from years ago when it was unsafe to travel to the inner city, but so much has been done to revive the treasures that lie hidden inside Hillbrow, which shouldn’t be kept from tourists. Yes, we all have to adhere to logical safety rules when travelling in any city in the world – but Hillbrow isn’t a dangerous place.

“There is so much to see and do,” continues Brooks. “A lot for the children as well. We saw colourful stilt-walkers, and the locals were so warm and welcoming. We felt safe and welcomed, and I would take my children there again any day.”

To learn more about Hillbrow and its surrounds, watch this video below where we interviewed local city tour operator, Dlala Nje.

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