Wednesday, 08 August 2018 13:13

Spotted! The latest game viewings…

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There’s been an unusually high amount of rainfall in the Mara this year, but with it has meant the green pastures are particularly lush and it’s some of the tallest grass the team has ever seen! The high grass has made for some very interesting hiding spots for the cats; our lions and leopards have been facing some challenges when trying to find their prey. As hunting became really hard, some of the predators were forcing others to sneak into the Maasai village trying to find alternative means of survival! We ended up witnessing real human-wildlife conflict within some of the villages that border the conservancy.

Despite the large amount of green grass the conservancy did not disappoint, there was still plenty of game viewing from Thompson’s gazelle to topis, zebras, warthogs, the resident wildebeests and lots of impalas were all witnessed by guests across the open plains of Mahali Mzuri.

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