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New tourism marketing initiative launched in Tanzania

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Tanzania’s government has announced a new initiative, ‘Tanzania Unforgettable’, that aims to grow tourism in the country. Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Hamisi Kigwangalla told stakeholders on Friday (August 3) that the project would be launched in Dodoma.

Kigwangalla said through the new initiative, his office had organised countrywide weekly and monthly concerts attended by local musicians, in an effort to promote the area’s culture. He further revealed that his department intended to appoint more tourism ambassadors around the country to highlight the newly established and planned attractions. “Tanzania has huge tourist potential. Its tourist attractions can earn the country foreign currency; doubling efforts is crucial to promote tourism in efforts to attract both domestic and foreign visitors.”

Kigwangalla called on all those affected by tourism, private and public, to get involved: “It is everyone’s obligation to promote and advertise tourist attractions.”

Devota Mdachi, Tanzania Tourism Board’s Managing Director agreed: “Our aim is to familiarise the players with the brand and eventually make them have full ownership of the brand and use it in wooing more visitors to the country.”

Source: TU

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