Tuesday, 13 March 2018 15:38

Booking.com talks of adding flights to service offering

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At the recent ITB travel trade show in Berlin, Booking.com revealed that it was considering adding flights to its service offering. 

Booking.com CEO, Gillian Tans, said “one-third of our customers think about [booking] their flights before accommodation, one-third during [the process of choosing accommodation], and one-third after booking accommodation”, therefore the brand was looking at adding airline ticketing to its site.

Tests would be conducted to judge customer response toward such an inclusion. “Everything on our website is tested. We create two variants of everything and see which one customers prefer,” said Tans. She said the site carried out more than 1 000 experiments with variants each day. 

Testing includes different payment options, with the exception of Bitcoin, which Tans does not see as becoming a viable payment option.

Source: TU

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