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Help clients take better wildlife pictures

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Clients can maximise their safari by starting a trip with photo course in Chobe with Pangolin Photo Safaris.

Pangolin is a company set up by photographers for photographers and they pride themselves on knowing exactly what their clients want most : an abundance of photo opportunities and the means by which to maximisethem.


They have custom built boats and vehicles with eight photographic seats on each. If clients don’t have their own kit, they even supply state of the art Nikon D7000 digital SLR cameras with 120-400mm zoom lenses, which are available free of charge for clients to use. They have one for every seat!

They have developed a range of Photo Safaris to suit every level of experience and a range of dates to suit even the most time-constrained photographer. Expect a real professional outfit, who will educate your client to take better wildlife pictures. ..but also expect to make friends with "Guts" and the team. They share their photographic knowledge in an unpretentious and uncomplicated style, and because it's often done in truly practical fashion (ie with an animal right in front of you) it's easier to take in and learn from.


Their unimog’ - a beast of a high rise road vehicle - is brilliantly kitted-out for taking pictures, with masses of leg room, great vantage points and plenty of terrific kit. They offer the use of the wonderful Nikon D7000, along with very impressive Sigma 70-500mm lenses! Pangolin's river boat is even better. You get plenty of wildlife close ups, and because the boat is superbly constructed specifically for photographers, it’s weighted in all the right places to make it completely steady.Your camera is firmly attached to a metal arm across your front and is attached to your purpose built seat, which swivels 360 degrees meaning you never miss any photo opportunity.They’ll learn about composition, animal behaviour (predicting actions), lighting, aperture mode...oh, the list goes on....and yes, you’ll start taking better pictures as a result! 


Pangolin offer ½ day, 3 day and 5 day courses in Chobe.   Contact Kamili on 0115 937 7475 or see 

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