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CPT initiative will help suppliers save 70% more water

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Cape Town and the Western Cape’s official Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, and the Western Cape Government, in partnership with CapeNature and Airbnb, will distribute 2 300 low-flow showerheads to guesthouses, B&Bs and Airbnb hosts across the province. This initiative is forecast to save water (by 70%) and electricity (by 30%). A contribution that, it is estimated, will save at least 70 million litres of water a year.

Wesgro said in a statement: “This forms part of our campaign to help tourists and small accommodation establishments make a measurable difference in the midst of the worst drought in recorded history by helping save water directly. The campaign will also include the distribution of mirror decals that will be used in tourism establishment bathrooms, ensuring that tourists are provided with information on how they can save water.”

The campaign was designed based on a research study that surveyed 540 smaller tourism establishments across the province. It showed that:

  • Only 25% have installed water saving shower heads
  • 67% want water saving shower heads
  • 90% are happy to collect from a central point
  • 71% want mirror decals

Airbnb has agreed to come on as partners and distribute approximately 500 shower heads to its top hosts. CapeNature has also contributed to the campaign.

Minister Winde said the campaign was part of the Western Cape’s peak season drive to share the water savings message with tourists. At the start of December, the Western Cape Government, local municipalities and tourism officers will host awareness events along the N2, N1 and N7.

“We’ll be distributing around 20 000 hand sanitisers, branded with water-savings tips. Through this event, we will be welcoming tourists into our province and making sure they are aware of the water crisis.”

There will also be knock-and-drops to petrol stations and guest houses across the province. The province’s tourist guides will also spread the message.

“In early December, we will launch our radio campaign to raise awareness among local businesses. As we head into the New Year, it is important that businesses include action plans on how to deal with the crisis. Our campaign will also commend businesses that are reducing and recycling their own water usage.”

Winde said the Western Cape Government was also completing case studies of best practice on water-savings in each sector, which will be shared with business in due course.

Wesgro CEO, Tim Harris said: “Cape Town and the Western Cape now face a “new normal” and water scarcity is going to be a long-term problem. We therefore realised that a long-term solution was also needed. These shower heads will go a small, but measurable way, in contributing to the province’s water-saving efforts.”

Source: TU

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