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Kamili expands into Southern Sudan

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Toposa girl 001Kamili's "Africa Less Visited" portfolio of safari operators in emerging destinations has expanded with the exciting addition of Bahr elJebel Safaris - a pioneering company offering safaris into South Sudan. Join them on an adventure into areas no tourist has seen for 25 years. Where the Africa of 100 years ago still exits.BEJS predominantly operate in Boma National Park, which is home to a migration of animals on a larger scale than the Mara/Serengeti!

Bahr el Jebel is the Arabic name for the White Nile that flows through Northern Uganda, into South Sudan and onward to the Mediterranean Sea.

As water sources dry up after the seasonal rains, and then again when the seasonal rains return, enormous herds of animals migrate in Boma National Park, South Sudan. It is estimated that the migration is far greater than the famous migration of the Serengeti, where nearly 2,000,000 animals search for grazing. The major migrating species involved are: white-eared Kob antelope, Tiang Antelope,and Mongalla Gazelle.

Prior to the war with the north there were huge herds of Zebra, but these animals were considerable reduced in number. A 2008 survey estimated that there were 6,850 Elephants in the park and surrounding area adjacent to the park. The Elephants and Zebra also migrate with the water and grass.

Boma National Park is the largest park or reserve in all of Africa. Many people say Kruger or Ruaha or Virunga are the largest, but no it is Boma at 22,800 square kilometers. Boma National Park is 2,280,000 hectareas (5,631,600 acres) in size. This vast park has virtually no roads or park ranger outposts. Mostly flat it is crossed by many small streams and swamps.

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