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Tuesday, 01 March 2011 00:00

Duba Plains prepared for 2011 Botswana floods

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2010 was a record flood-year in Northern Botswana and early flood graphs of waters entering the Okavango in January 2011, combined with unusually high precipitation, indicate that this year could even exceed last year's flood event. Floods are good-news for Botswana, providing life-giving water in an otherwise parched environment, but they do present some logistical challenges. In 2010 Great Plains introduced puddle-jumper vehicles, jacked-up Landcruisers, at Duba Plains to cope with the deep water channels around Duba. These vehicles boldly go where others get stuck, allowing guests maximum game-viewing possibilities. Boating has also been introduced and guests typically start their safari by boat to where the vehicles are waiting on drier land. With these improvements Duba Plains is one of the best camps to take full advantage of the wetter environment in Northern Botswana.

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