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Kruger visitors encouraged to pre-book day visits

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Day visitors to the Kruger National Park are encouraged to book a time slot prior to their arrival between Friday, June 24 and Sunday, July 17.

“The Day Visitor Quota for the park is a management tool to maintain the carrying capacity of the park,” SANParks said in a statement.

Three time slots are available and visitors will be allowed to book up to 80% of day visitor quota via the SANParks Reservation offices and through the website.

“The three different slots aim to improve the spread of vehicles and, as far as possible, prevent unnecessary waiting periods at gates,” said Glenn Phillips, KNP Managing Executive.

Pre-booked day visitors will get preference over non-booked day visitors at the gate, and must arrive within the time slots as per their reservation.

Open safari vehicles are regarded as booked for all day visitor admissions. Un-booked guests could be denied entry.

Source: Tourism Update

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