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Malawi – First choice for family adventure in Africa

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Families looking for an introduction to African adventures will be delighted with what’s on offer in Malawi. Known as ‘The warm heart of Africa’ this safe, friendly and compact country offers family friendly wilderness and beach luxury without the crowds or hefty price tag often associated with safari holidays.

With a rising demand for more adventurous holidays, more and more parents are looking to broaden their children’s horizons, educate them regarding new cultures and above all have fun together. In Malawi, the landscape, wildlife, lake and of course, the people, combine to make this country an amazing destination for younger children to experience their first African adventure.  

Malawi has an excellent tourist infrastructure. Getting around the country is easy as it is small by African standardsand there are good roads and inexpensive flights. Families can be swathed in culture by morning and be coming eye to eye with game by afternoon. Two hours later they can be relaxing on golden sandy beaches.

Lots of countries claim it but Malawi’s people really are the most friendly in Africa and they delight in seeing children from other countries, races and cultures.

There are plenty of activities to capture the attention of little ones who like variety during their holidays. There’s everything from cycling, nature walks, fishing, and boat safaris to tracking animal footprints, watching playful baboons, learning bush skills and help build a campfire before sleeping under canvas as a family.

Lake Malawi is the jewel in Malawi’s crown, hosting more fish species than the rivers and lakes of Europe and North America put together. It’s warm enough to swim in all year round, there are no tides and the water is clear and fresh not saline.  On Lake Malawi there are lots of different activities to choose from sailing, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and lots more!

The beaches along lake Malawi’s coast are coated in soft golden sand and can easily rival the Mediterranean or nearby Indian Ocean in terms of beach resorts. Untouched by mass tourism you can find that perfect spot on the beach for your family to relax.

There is a wide range of family accommodation on offer at realistic prices too. Danforth Yachting has so many watersports on offer and lots of other stuff – mountain biking, a trampoline and their own swimming pool. Family-run Makuzi Beach, is very welcoming of families in a nice sheltered cove on the lake, offering lots of activities and great opportunities for village visits, or Mumbo Island provides families their very own Robinson Crusoe like island to explore.

The climate is family friendly too in Malawi, the best months to travel are April to November, taking in the school summer holidays when rainfall is low. Year round temperatures are in the early twenties and rarely ever exceed 30 degrees. 

Above all, Malawi, where the welcome is even warmer than the climate, is the perfect place to introduce the best of Africa to young children and mum and dad will have just as great an experience too.

Adele Cutler  - Malawi Tourism PR

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